Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

If you want to protect your business, you need to protect your data.

Keep your business intact with daily backups and a comprehensive plan for recovery.

Losing your data to cyber thieves, internal errors, or natural disasters can be a major blow to your
business. In fact, a large majority of small to medium-sized businesses will not recover from such a
setback. With a Data Backup and Recovery solution from BTG, your data will always be safe. Your data
will remain backed up at all times, and your business will have a detailed plan to restore operations after
a data incident.

Daily Backups A Detailed Plan Expert Advice
backup  plan experienced
Never lose more than 30
minutes of data
Know what it takes to get
back on your feet
Receive advice on what
you need and don’t need
24/7 Support Proactive Monitoring Quick Recoveries
support monitoring  tools
Restore lost data no
matter what time it is
Fix data issues before
they become a problem
Minimize downtime with
quick solutions

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