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IT is crucial to your business

Baltimore Technology Group knows IT is an essential component to operating your business and that your business depends on the availability of your IT systems. We specialize in working with businesses like yours to make your IT systems more efficient, operational, and secure.

Focus on what you do best

Working with BTG allows you to focus on your core competency and to grow your business while we add economies of scale, cost savings, and best practices in IT management. We want to grow with you as a partner, not just be the company you call when your PC is running slow. As you make plans for your company’s future, we want to be there with you, evaluating and reviewing the IT resources you will need to make your plans a reality. After many discussions with all stakeholders, we will make recommendations on the most appropriate solutions to meet your current and future needs.

The "BTG Way"

The "BTG Way" is the collection of best practices and technologies we use to make your network more reliable and perform better. Over the years we have worked with numerous vendors to provide you the best service possible, with security and performance being our top priorities. We continually evaluate new technologies and insert them into the "BTG Way" so you and your team can focus on your clients and expanding your business.

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Is your clients' data safe?

Your clients trust you with their data. Can you pledge to them you have made a legitimate effort to protect their data so they don't end up like Target and Home Depot customers? These corporations spend millions on security-related technology to keep their clients’ data safe.

  • Are you trying to protect your clients' data with solutions designed for home use?
  • Did you change the default username and password?
  • Are you alerted if there is a security issue in your network?

Call BTG to discuss secure business-level solutions and have us install them for you.

How much do you really spend on IT?

It’s easy to calculate what you spend on equipment and a technician fix your problems, but lost productivity is often overlooked. Consider the following questions when your IT is not managed properly:

  • How much time did you spend last week fixing computer issues instead of talking to customers?
  • How much lost productivity do your employees’ experience due to slow computers or network downtime?
  • Are your employees happy about the added stress and responsibilities of also being your IT department?

Call BTG and let a team of professionals solve your IT problems while your employees focus on making your business more successful.

Are you frustrated by your technology?

No matter your industry, computers are essential to run your day-to-day operations. Keeping up with technology changes can frustrate and distract even the most successful business owners.

Do you get frustrated:

  • Monitoring and researching new IT developments?
  • Trying to evaluate multiple solutions to grow your company without true IT expertise?
  • Implementing these solutions within your IT infrastructure?

Call BTG and have your own IT Department, without the added overhead of an internal employee.